Board of Directors

Kate Brown, President
John Manzeck, Vice-President
Joan Turner, Secretary
Robert Bousquet, Treasurer
James Rawie, Executive Artistic Director
Valerie Forte, Development Coordinator
Meera Besser, Volunteer Coordinator

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Special thanks to previous Board Presidents: Jim Clark, Roberta Klein, and Dianne Young McCormack, along with other previous members of the Board of Directors

About us

Celebrating 20 Years in 2025

Founded in 2005 by James and Nancy Rawie as a 501(c)(3) non-profit musical arts organization, the Tahoe Symphony & Chorus has established itself as a lasting musical organization in Northern Nevada and created an international impact, performing concerts in Europe, including Italy, Prague, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Greece, and more.

The Tahoe Symphony Orchestra continues to fulfill its mission to raise awareness and appreciation of classical orchestral and choral music in the greater Reno-Tahoe area by bringing quality, affordable, live performances to intimate, local venues, and providing an opportunity for accomplished, Tahoe-area musicians to display and develop their talents.

Our Story

Approximately 160 local and guest artists perform in the Tahoe Symphony, providing a rare opportunity to showcase and continue growing their skills alongside a talented ensemble right here in the Reno-Tahoe area. 

The Next Generation

We also support young, local artists and their teachers by providing an opportunity to perform alongside a quality orchestra. Other partnerships in supporting youth include funding scholarships for local youth to attend the Luzerne Summer Music Camp in the Adirondacks and annual performances featuring the North Lake Tahoe Children’s Choir.

Our History

'The Orchestra and Community Choral Artists of the Tahoe Area' (TOCCATA) was founded in 2005 by James and Nancy Rawie as a 501(c)(3) non-profit musical arts organization based in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. TOCCATA’s first season was unfunded and featured madrigal/motet concerts and chamber music.

In 2006 TOCCATA received a grant from the Carol F. Buck Foundation which led to the Orchestra’s official debut at Sand Harbor with the 25th John Lennon Memorial Concert. In 2007, funding increased as more individuals and local foundations began to demonstrate their belief in TOCCATA’s mission. The 2008 Charter Membership Drive helped reach more lakeside communities and Reno. In 2009 the name "Toccata-Tahoe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus" was created to identify an ensemble regularly performing major symphonic works, and, in recent years, the organization has become known more simply as the Tahoe Symphony Orchestra.

In 2025, the Tahoe Symphony Orchestra marks its 20th season, and its journey over the past two decades has been impressive. Beginning with grassroots support and awareness mostly spread through word-of-mouth among local classical music enthusiasts and performers, and supported mainly by individual ticket purchases, the organization now boasts a expanding network of annual program sponsors, loyal season ticket holders, and endowments from prestigious arts organizations like the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation, all of whom have contributed to its growth.

Global Reach

International Performances

In 2015, the Tahoe Symphony expanded its footprint from the local Reno-Tahoe area, delighting fans with its first international tour in Italy. This tradition has continued with semi-annual international tours earning the Tahoe Symphony international acclaim among audiences in Salzburg-Prague (2017), Slovakia/Hungary (2019), Southern France (2021), and Greece (2024).

Photo from 2024 Tour in the 1st Parliament of Greece in Nafplio

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