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2024 European Tour: Greece

Featuring Guest Violin Soloist, Elizabeth Pitcairn

Continuing a tradition that began in 2015 and has delighted audiences in Salzburg-Prague, Slovakia/Hungary, Southern France, and more, the Tahoe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus grew its international footprint once again in April, 2024,  this time playing a string of shows in the cradle of Western civilization, Greece. 

The tour included performances at the historic first Parliament building of Greece (pictured above), built in 1730, and the stunning St. Denis Catholic Cathedral, and wrapped with a packed, standing house sing-along to a special arrangement of the Greek folk song, Yalo Yalo, arranged by Maestro James Rawie.

Elizabeth Pitcairn and the famed Red Stradivarius of 1720 once again served as featured violin soloist, as she has on all of the Tahoe Symphony's semi-annual international tours.

The Tahoe Symphony and guest violin soloist, Elizabeth Pitcairn, pictured in Nafplio, Greece.

The Tahoe Symphony's international tours are made possible by the generous support of our donors and volunteers, many of whom accompanied the Orchestra and Chorus to witness first-hand the overwhelming enthusiasm and hospitality of the people of Greece, as well as the enthusiasm of the classical and orchestral music community worldwide.

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Performance from Greece

Watch the recorded livestream of Tahoe Symphony & Chorus performance at the historic St. Dennis Catholic Cathedral in Athens, Greece, on April 11, 2024.

Greece: 2024

Thank you to the travelling performers (including guest violin soloist, Elizabeth Pitcairn), sponsors and supporters, and the entire Tahoe Symphony entourage.